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To a life of Pause-sitivity

Maybe you are wondering what Pause-sitivity means? I coined this word to capture this; It's about taking the time to REST, breathe, and recharge. So we can enjoy our time with our loved ones and be able to live a positive & purposeful life. 


Just like any mom, I was a multi-tasker. I struggled to find a balance between my work and my home life. I am usually on the go, hustling, and always in a hurry. Sadly, I was missing many NOW moments with my loved ones and my time alone with God. I was in a constant rush. Most of the time, my mood is in full swing. 

Then I saw this phrase from a blog site: "When we pause, we bring out the BEST in ourselves and those around us. A new rhythm takes hold." 


Oh yes, I want that new rhythm in my life! I'm guessing you want that too...


I tried doggedly to complete the Pause-sitivity site. There are days that I struggle with the thought - of not pushing through with it. 

Many times, I have to go through some pit stops. I didn't realize that I had to live the reflections and revelations before creating and writing the resources. 

Many of the things I wrote and will publish are inspired by the experience that brought me to tears and my knees. But it's not ALL tears; those experiences brought a deep longing for God's presence in my life. I found inner peace and joy like never before! Yup, there is a 'reason' for this season. 

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