What is a Printable Planner/Journal?

A printable planner/journal is a pdf file. It's downloadable and you can print it at home. 

Printables are here to augment your artistic experience in journaling. You can make beautiful pages with it. 


Do not be afraid to personalize it. You can add decorative touches like washi tapes and cutouts. You can also edit it before printing; add some creative elements that you like to match your style and theme. 

Just have fun with it!

Tips and Tools

Each PDF file has instructions so be sure to read it before downloading and printing. 

Check the printable size. Adjust your printer settings to make sure that the printed page will fit your journal, notebook, or binder.

Use good quality paper. To avoid ghosting or bleeding on your pages, especially if you love using brush pens.

Buy a binder if you choose to create your own journal/planner from the printables. You can jazz up the cover and add bling to it. 

Unleash Your Creativity In Journaling

Image by Elena Mozhvilo

"Journal writing is one of the most intimate forms of writing we can do. It invites us to be exploratory, confessional, messy, playful, awkward, and truthful. We do it by hand, we do it in private notebooks, we do it to spill secrets and wrestle with our weirdo thoughts. Journal writing might seem kind of dinosaur-ish in our age of immediate, public writing on social media, but it is a good way to discover your voice and to keep limber as a writer.


I’ve always been fascinated by the journals of creative people because they are like backstage passes to the art." -Lauren Krishner

Image by pure julia
Image by pure julia

By you, for you...

They say that your journal is a record of who you are, what you think, and who you want to become. 

So use it however you want. Make it personal and customize it according to your liking. Remember, it is your 'safe place.' Practice expressing your feelings and thoughts. Add artistic expressions on those pages. You can doodle, color, insert printables, or paste stickers on it.


Make it your OWN.