What is digital planning/journaling?

A digital journal/planner is just like the traditional paper journals/ planners, with the difference that instead of being in paper form, you import a PDF file into a note-taking app and use it on your iPad or tablet.

These interactive PDF planners contain hyperlinked tabs that make navigating through your planner quick and easy.  By just clicking on the journal's tabs, the pages flip for you, just like you would use a paper planner with dividers.  


Also, digital stickers are png files with a transparent background, and you import these images into your planner to decorate them.


If you have any questions, you can send me a message here via our chatbox.  I'll be happy to help you.

What tools do you need?

Digital Planners/Journals are compatible with both Apple and Android devices.  So, the tools depend on which one you have.


You may also want to try Zoomnotes and other annotation apps. Ohh, a cup of coffee or tea while journaling will also do the trick.

Enjoy your PAUSE time!

Image by Helena Lopes
Image by Marek Levák